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TikTok For Beginners

As the fastest-growing social media platform and, ranked third behind the Meta beasts, Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is very much here to stay. The first thing someone will say when you mention TikTok is that “it’s for kids”… I’m here to put a MASSIVE pin in that as it’s simply not true anymore. TikTok is… Read more »

50 Instagram Reels Ideas

Reels aren’t going anywhere – they are the fastest way to reach new audiences and grow your following. We get it, creating content for YOUR business can be creatively hard – especially when there’s so much noise out there! That’s why I’m giving you 50 FREE ideas for your next Reel! Simply add this to… Read more »

The 2023 Social Media Kick Start Day With The Goodbrand Collective

One of the GREAT (and most challenging) things about social media is that it is ALWAYS changing!! How do you stay on top of it – trends, new functionalities, choosing the right platforms, content planning and ultimately, selling your products and services? As we go into the New Year, with new focuses, it’s time to… Read more »

Instagram For Business Training With Metro Bank

Karen Goodbrand (that’s really her name) of The Goodbrand Collective is a brand management consultant and social media coach – she supports her clients by aligning their brand across all of their marketing touchpoints, growing their audiences and engagement, as well as bringing a tonne of creativity to the table. By her own admission, Karen… Read more »

Instagram Training – 1:1

Do you feel like you’re simply muddling through with Instagram for your business? Maybe you’ve just started your business and you’re not sure where to start with your social media? Learning new tech can feel overwhelming, I get that. Once you’ve got the tech down, it’s the how-to, the strategy, what to say and when…Again,… Read more »