Hi! I’m Karen Goodbrand, owner of The Goodbrand Collective.

I’m a highly experienced brand marketing manager, social media marketing coach, consultant, strategist and overall geek!

But what does that really mean?

It means I’ll help you use marketing and creativity to drive brand awareness and sales, predominately through social media.

We, at The Goodbrand Collective, are a small (let's call it 'boutique') team of social media experts and content creators with a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing brands in the digital space.

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From our signature training programme, “Instagram Foundations”, to the basics of Canva, content planning and Reels, you’ll find us running exciting, interactive one to one and group sessions every month online.

Even better, if there’s something social you’re itching to know more about, just give us a shout and we'll pull together a training session bespoke for your business.

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Are you a start-up, business owner, SME or even global brand who just doesn’t have the knowledge, time or, let’s face it, energy, to build a solid brand marketing strategy…let alone put it in place consistently day after day?

Mapping out marketing can be mind blowing; setting out your Social Media strategy can be stressful. But with me at your side you won’t be scrabbling in the dark. Using tried and tested techniques, combined with a huge dose of creative jiggery-pokery.

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Come on over to Facebook to meet our friendly group of over 500 likeminded business owners and marketeers. There you’ll find expert social media tips and hacks as well as all-round support and advice all based around Social Media marketing.

You’ll even see free challenges and other fun stuff to help elevate your presence and increase engagement.

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Ultimate Calendar Hooks Guide 2022

Do you ever wonder how businesses know about all of the cool calendar hooks and manage to plan their content to include these? Look no further, whether it’s Small Business Saturday or National Avocado Day, we’ve got you covered with over 250 hooks in 2022!

The dates within the ultimate calendar hooks guide are great for connecting with your audience, driving reach, creating engagement and also, having some fun with your content too! Don’t forget, you can use these beyond your social media marketing content calendar as well.

We’ve checked and double checked these dates and unless marked, are correct and relevant to the UK at the time of publishing.

We appreciate you purchasing this and ask that this content isn’t shared outside of your organisation.



Ultimate Calendar Hooks Guide 2022

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