The Goodbrand

About Karen

It’s true, Goodbrand really is my surname! I’m a highly experienced brand marketeer, social media coach, consultant and strategist that is also a self-titled ‘creative business development focussed marketeer’ Fancy, eh?  It just means I use my extensive sales, marketing, brand management, creative, and social media experience to help businesses get noticed, drive brand awareness and sales, ultimately through elevating their use of social media marketing.

It’s something I’ve been passionate about for years. Having had a very successful career in the world of B2B sales and account management, before joining a fast-paced start-up to launch a trendy ice cream brand on a global scale – I’ve even built a 20K+ following as a fashion influencer across my social channels, working with top high street brands and celebrities.

During my corporate career, I built a reputation for getting results, but now I find I get the biggest satisfaction as a brand marketing and social media consultant from supporting other businesses to succeed with their overall social media activities. It’s the buzz of ideas fizzing around the room, the palpable excitement about the possibilities that are out there, and the shared success as the goals are met!

The Goodbrand Collective was born in 2020 and since then we’ve hosted numerous courses and strategy sessions for businesses ranging from start-ups to global brands, as well as large public sector organisations. We’ve supported these clients by teaching the owners, and teams how to use/run their social media strategically, as well as created hundreds of pieces of engaging content for their channels and consumer-facing comms. I’m at the centre of our ’boutique’ team so no matter what your requirements, I’m involved!

We are highly passionate about what we deliver, whether that’s training, brainstorming or content. If you watched the bouncy animation on the home page, then you’ll see that the three words that underpin our brand are “Driven, Passionate, Creative”.

We understand that one size certainly does not fit all – for more details about how we can help you, just hit the ‘get in touch’ tab and we can arrange an informal chat.

Taking your business to new heights

Working with us you’ll get:

  • Highly experienced sales brains that will spot the opportunities you never knew were there.
  • The creative vision to define high-level strategy as well as the drive to help you get there.
  • Launch strategies and direction, whether you’re product or service-based.
  • Immeasurable levels of energy and enthusiasm channelled towards making your business impactful, stand out and grow.
  • Reams of been-there-done-it-before tips and advice to lift you out of the research phase and into ACTION.
  • An all-around friendly team who will always go the extra mile and want nothing more than to see you succeed.