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About Karen

Welcome to The Goodbrand Collective, where passion, drive and creativity are not just buzzwords, but the very essence of our work. And yes, it’s true, Goodbrand really is my surname! As a highly experienced business development, brand marketeer, social media coach, consultant, and strategist, I bring a unique perspective to the table – I’m a self-titled ‘creative business development focused marketeer’ who also supports brands in a non-exec Marketing Director capacity.

Drawing upon my extensive and globally recognised success in sales, marketing, brand management, creative endeavours, and social media, I empower businesses to rise above the noise, ignite brand awareness, and drive sales.

My journey began with a thriving career in the B2B sales and business development arena, honing my skills in account management and building strong relationships. But my hunger for innovation led me to join a fast-paced start-up, where I spearheaded the global launch of a trendy ice cream brand. Since then, I have collaborated with clients from both the private and public sectors, strategizing marketing approaches that leave a lasting impact.

But that’s not all. As a hobby-turned-profession, I have built an engaged following of over 20K fashion enthusiasts across my own social channels. Collaborating with top high street brands and celebrities, my hobby has also become a commercial model. This diverse background has shaped me into a multi-faceted professional who brings fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box strategies to the table.

My unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results has earned me a reputation that precedes me. Clients and peers alike recognize my unwavering passion for the work I do, as well as my drive to achieve greatness. When you visit our home page and witness the bouncy animation, you’ll glimpse the essence of my personal brand captured in three powerful words: “Driven, Passionate, Creative.”

At The Goodbrand Collective, we understand that one size certainly does not fit all. We tailor our approach to suit your unique needs and objectives. Whether you’re a start-up aiming to make waves or a global brand seeking to redefine your online presence, we’ve got you covered. Alongside the consultancy work, our courses and strategy sessions have empowered countless businesses, ranging from small start-ups to industry giants and prominent public sector organisations. We don’t just teach you how to strategically leverage social media—we become your trusted partners, creating compelling content and delivering impactful consumer-facing communications.

Every aspect of what we do is fuelled by passion. From training sessions that inspire and educate, to brainstorming sessions that ignite creativity, to captivating content that captivates your audience—we pour our heart and soul into every endeavour.

If you watched the bouncy animation on the home page, then you’ll see that the three words that underpin my personal brand are “Driven, Passionate, and Creative”.

I recognise that each business is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So, if you’re eager to learn more about how The Goodbrand Collective can help you achieve your goals, simply click on the ‘get in touch’ tab. Let’s arrange an informal chat where we can delve into the exciting possibilities awaiting your brand.

Taking your business to new heights

Working with me you’ll get:

  • Marketing Strategy and Planning: Involvement in policymaking and planning exercises, bringing extensive experience and knowledge to develop effective marketing strategies. This includes identifying opportunities for business growth, enhancing engagement and communication, and focusing on brand awareness and sales.
  • Sales Expertise: As a highly experienced sales professional I’m able to spot opportunities that may have been overlooked. By leveraging my sales focused brain, I can identify new avenues for revenue generation and help drive sales growth.
  • Creative Vision and Strategic Direction: As a non-executive Marketing Director, I can provide high-level creative vision and strategic direction to guide the overall marketing efforts. This involves defining the strategic goals, setting the direction for campaigns, and ensuring alignment with the company’s objectives.
  • Launch Strategies: Whether you’re a product or service-based business, I can contribute launch strategies and direction to ensure successful market entry. This includes planning and executing effective product or service launches, creating buzz and excitement, and maximizing impact.
  • Energy and Enthusiasm: My immeasurable levels of energy and enthusiasm can be channelled towards making your business impactful, stand out, and grow. My passion can inspire and motivate the team, creating a positive and driven environment.
  • Practical Tips and Advice: With my wealth of experience, I can provide practical tips and advice based on my past successes. This can help you bypass the research phase and move straight into action, saving them time and accelerating their progress.
  • Supportive Team: We’re an all-around friendly team that goes the extra mile to support clients’ success. By fostering a collaborative and supportive relationship, we can build strong partnerships and work together to achieve the desired outcomes.