28 Days of Content – Workshop


We all know that sometimes finding fresh social media content ideas can be a struggle –  That pang we get when we realise that we should be posting but actually we’re:


  • Not sure what to say,
  • When to say it,
  • Why we’re saying it,
  • Confused on how to build the ‘know, like, trust’,
  • Unsure how to be relevant, entertaining, educational and still give valuable content.


My magic social media rule is that CONSISTENCY is KING, the CONTENT is QUEEN!


It’s no secret that managing your social media can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused…


Join me on 1st February and for the rest of the month for the “28 Days of Content Workshop”!


We’ll work through the various content types and daily ideas and importantly, how to use them effectively so that you’re confident, inspired and effective with your social media content.


Join me every morning at 8.45 am for five minutes each day for 28 days and I’ll give you fresh content ideas for your Stories, Feed or Reels – It’s up to you if you want to crack on and post that day or, save them up for when you’re ready to post! In the main, the content delivered over the 28 days is completely timeless!


You’ll come away with ideas, inspiration, know-how and, your own copy of The Ultimate 2022 Calendar Hooks Guide – over 270 U.K. based events and awareness days for you to use for content too (worth £39.95).


Each session will be held live online each morning at 8.45 am – if you can’t make it, I can send you the recording!