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Reels for Beginners Workshop

Reels are the proven way to increase your REACH and FOLLOWING on Instagram.

Are you hiding from Instagram Reels, maybe hoping it will go away? Do you watch fellow business owners’ Reels with envy because they just look so slick? Or are you happy to give it a whirl but just unsure how to use Reels to represent your business?

It’s not all pointing at words on a screen and doing dances you know! Reels is an insanely powerful function that will help boost your brand on Instagram.

These little compilation videos aren’t going anywhere – Reels really are the future of the platform. But I understand that it can feel overwhelming to have to learn how to do something else, just as you thought you’d got to grips with all things Instagram. How do you know where to start? And how can you make sure what you produce won’t leave you cringing long after you’ve shared it to your grid?

My Reels for Beginners workshop is designed to answer all the questions that are whirring around in your brain, and probably more besides. You’ll learn everything you need to know about this valuable new tool, we’ll discuss plenty of ideas for making it work for YOUR business and I’ll even help you to produce your first Reel. Because getting the first one out there is always the hardest bit! Right?

The next date workshop is on Thursday 15th September at 7.30pm. If you want some help before that, please get in touch! 


Up to
90 minutes

For booking for more than one person please get in touch