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Instagram For Business – 6 Week Course

I wish I had taken this training years ago!

I entered the course with total dread and not very high expectations of myself. I had such a negative feeling about social media, finding it confusing, scary and annoying. I had totally given up even trying.

But through Karen’s clear training, patient explaining and answering of my endless questions, I found that I began to look forward to the classes each week and got SOO much out of them. I quickly gained enough confidence to start trying things, even making reels and stories in Instagram (now that I finally understood what they were)!

At the end of the course I feel completely different to the start. I feel excited every day, thinking about what to post. I understand the strategy behind social media and know what I need to do to begin building my following. My engagement is up massively and my confidence has gone sky high.

Karen is an excellent, totally engaging trainer – her social skills are second to none. I would recommend Karen 100% – five stars every time!

Do you feel like you’re simply muddling through with Instagram for your business? Maybe you’ve just started your business and you’re not sure where to start with your social media? Maybe you have an active account but you feel lost, overwhelmed or just confused with the constant changes?

Learning new tech can feel overwhelming, I get that. Then, on top of that, it’s the how-to, the strategy, what to say and when…Again, I get that.

If you’re struggling to understand where to start, gain traction and grow then you’re in good company, there are many businesses that feel the same. The good news is there are plenty of ways you can stack the odds in your favour and make Instagram work hard for you, without it feeling so overwhelming.

Over the six weeks, we’ll work on demystifying Instagram, starting with the basics! We’ll cover how to identify your ideal client and how to find them, define your purpose, content strategies, how to create content, what tools to use, how to write captions, organic growth and reach, and platform functionality.

During this live course, I package together and give to you the latest of my well-earned knowledge, skills, experience and creativity, all in a 6-week step-by-step programme.

This course is more than just posting on Instagram – We’ll cover how to identify your ideal client and how to find them, defining your purpose, content strategies, organic growth and reach, and platform functionality. I’ll deliver 6 weekly online sessions of 1-1.5 hours and I’ll also invite you to a private Facebook group where I’ll be answering questions, and sharing tips and content. A couple of weeks after the course finishes, I’ll host a live Q&A session too to answer any questions that come up for you.

You’ll come away after the 6 weeks having a thorough understanding of how to use Instagram for your business but also, how to apply it to other channels and your wider marketing. You’ll understand how to create a social media marketing strategy for awareness, growth, and business development and crucially have the tools to plan and create effective and engaging content to build your ideal audience.

This course is for you if:

  • You don’t know where to start with Instagram
  • You feel overwhelmed or confused with your social media
  • You feel like you’re spending lots of time on it and getting nothing back
  • You just have a mental block when it comes to posting
  • You don’t feel like you’re being seen
  • You aren’t attracting the right person
  • It’s a little bit like a ghost town and you’re not gaining any traction…

Here’s a taster of what we’ll work on and cover:

  • Increasing your presence on Instagram.
  • Understanding all of the functionalities available on each platform and how to use them.
  • Writing an attention-grabbing profile.
  • Growing your followers with the right kind of followers.
  • Understanding the various content types and how/when to use them.
  • Opening up the world of 100’s of content ideas.
  • The 8 proven ways to increase your organic reach.
  • Demystifying the new Instagram SEO function and how to use it.
  • Choosing the right hashtags to get you seen.
  • The endless possibilities of caption ideas.
  • How and when to sell your products and services.
  • The latest trends and what’s coming in 2022.

We work on these modules over the 6 weeks:

Module one – The Foundations
Module two – Highlights, Stories & Insights
Module three – Content: How to make it, strategies, 100’s of ideas!
Module four – Instagram SEO, Captions & Selling
Module five – Reels for Beginners Workshop
Module six – Organic Reach & Growth, Scheduling, Facebook Shops, Groups & wrap questions!

The online sessions are live however, will be recorded so you can refer back to the information at any time during the course and, you’ll come away with homework relating to each session to keep you moving forward and accountable.

The next course starts on 13th of September however, if you’d like to start before then, please do drop me a note by clicking here.




6 weeks

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